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31. October 2016 | General | Autor:

“Zukunft der Arbeit”

This week ARD will present a themed week with the topic “Future of work”. For example they will question wheter our jobs can be done by robots or how work routine will be changed by digitization. Some members of the MCIR are experts in this field.

Have a look at:



31. October 2016 | General | Autor:

Vorbild Silicon Valley? Für einen europäischen Entwicklungsweg zwischen Disruption und Stabilität

Dr. Andreas Boes, Vorstandsmitglied des MCIR, hat Anfang Oktober einen Vortrag für die Daimler und Benz Stiftung in Berlin gehalten.

Den Soziologen Andreas Boes interessiert, was die deutsche Wirtschaft vom Silicon Valley lernen kann und worauf es ankommt bei einer verantwortungsvollen und nachhaltigen Gestaltung der digitalen Arbeitswelt. Er plädiert für „einen eigenständigen europäischen Entwicklungsweg, der die notwendige Bereitschaft zu disruptiven Veränderungen mit einer konsequenten Orientierung auf soziale Stabilität zu verbinden hätte.“

Mehr Informationen finden Sie unter:


24. October 2016 | General | Autor:

Bricks or Clicks: the Future of Education in the Digital Age

Will teachers be replaced by maschines, or university by the interent? Professor Wendy Hall answered this question in her talk on October 18th in the Bavaran Academie of Sciences. The Munich Center for Internet Research (MCIR) continues its series of events with this talk.

We provide a video for everyone that could not be there:


20. October 2016 | General | Autor:

4th Crowdinvesting Symposium


On Friday, 4 November 2016, the 4th Crowdinvesting Symposium „Financial Decision Making and the Internet“ takes place at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich. The symposium offers academics and practitioners a platform to exchange ideas about the latest developments in this field as well as for networking. Keynote speaker is Ethan Mollick, Wharton School. The panel Claas Ludwig (Federal Ministry of Finance), Ethan Mollick (Wharton School), Erik Podzuweit (Scalable Capital), and Andrea Rexer (Süddeutsche Zeitung), will discuss the recent developments.


Registration and more information:

26. July 2016 | General | Autor:

Digitale Dienstleistung in modernen Wertschöpfungssystemen – Silicon Valley Spezial

Das Team »Informatisierung der Gesellschaft und Zukunft der Arbeit« im Institut für Sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung München (ISF) hat im Oktober 2015 Feldstudien bei namhaften deutschen Unternehmen und bei US-amerikanischen Vorreitern der digitalen Ökonomie im Silicon Valley durchgeführt. Die Wissenschaftler haben in einem Blog live über ihre ersten Eindrücke und Ergebnisse berichtet. Seine Blogbeiträge veröffentlicht das Team in dieser Broschüre in dafür leicht überarbeiteter Form. Die Reise fand statt im Rahmen des Forschungsvorhabens »Digitale Dienstleistung
in modernen Wertschöpfungssystemen« (digit-DL).

Dr. Andreas Boes vom Institut für Sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung und Board Member des MCIR wirkte an diesem Projekt mit.


7. June 2016 | General | Autor:

Machine Learning Demystified

Internal MCIR talk

Alei Salem, TUM : “Machine Learning Demystified”

Despite being utilized within a myriad of industries and domains, the artificial intelligence field of machine learning depicts a vague, mysterious blackbox for a variety of individuals. In this talk, we shall unravel the mystries associated with machine learning by discussing its meaning, objectives, and capabilities. By the end of this talk–and without delving into technical details–the audience should have a basic understanding of what machine learning is, what it is capable of, whether it can be beneficial within their respective fields of research, and how it can be applied to such fields.

11. May 2016 | General | Research | Autor:

Interim report: Second MCIR Sprint-Review

Am 26. April hat das MCIR seinen zweiten projektübergreifenden Sprint-Review durchgeführt und den aktuellen Stand der interdisziplinären Forschungsprojekte diskutiert. Die besprochenen Inhalte stellen wir hier zusammengefasst zur Verfügung:

Sprint-Review Materialien 26.04.2016

24. March 2016 | General | Research | Autor:

How I know you printed my email

Internal MCIR talk on transparency:

Alexander Pretschner: How I know you printed my email

This overview talk tackles the problem of specifying, monitoring and enforcing data usage requirements of the kind, “print my email at most twice,” “notify me upon dissemination of my address,” “no more than three copies of a confidential document in the company,” “delete all copies of a movie within thirty days,” “keep financial record for five years,” and the like.
We discuss typical policies as well as an enforcement infrastructure that can act both after the fact, for accountability purposes, and preventively. It builds on two main ideas. First, requirements come at various levels of abstraction: prohibiting screenshots, writing files, playing songs, and copying database rows can most conveniently observed and controlled by monitors at different layers of abstraction: window manager, operating system, application, database. Second, when data is to be protected, usually all of its representations are meant to be protected: a picture comes as network packets, pix map, cache file, DOM object. This requires information flow tracking technology across the layers of a system and across systems.
The intention of this talk is to start a discussion on joint projects on transparency.

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