Research Projects

Interdisciplinary and practice-oriented research on the internet and society

The Munich Center for Internet Research sees itself as an interdisciplinary think tank that connects the different disciplines conducting research on the digitization process. For example, economic, technical, sociological and legal perspectives are brought together to develop a holistic understanding of digitization and suitable solutions for the digitization in the society. Moreover, the institute also acts as a think tank for business and politics. Pressing questions are obtained from practical phenomena and dealt with in a practical sense in order to assist political and societal actors in an advisory role. It’s the aim of the institute to develop a framework that helps to shape the social change due to the process of digitization.

Currently there are five interdisciplinary research projects conducted at the institute:

  • New organizational and management concepts in digital working environments (business administration + sociology)
  • Accountability (computer sciences + law)
  • Media centers of the future (communication science + sociology)
  • Internet-based technologies and digital business models (business administration + economics)
  • Project DatSec4App (computer sciences + political sciences)

In the future, further research projects will be identified in a dialogue with major stake-holders and the results will be disseminated to society at large.

Current Research Projects

Project DatSec4App

Computer Sciences & Political Sciences

Classification of users’ requirements to privacy of mobile applications

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Internet-based technologies and digital business models

Business Administration & Economics

Analysis of the innovation behavior of small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany

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Catch-up TV/radio of the future

(Communication Theory & Sociology)

Project Catch-up TV/radio of the future: For Media providers the question arises how to suggest relevant topics to users

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Law & Computer Science

The interconnection of devices amongst themselves as well as their connection to central servers (the "cloud") and even to human beings makes them "smart"

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New organizational and management concepts in digital working environments

Business Administration & Sociology)

New organizational and leadership concepts with strategic importance for the future orientation of work environments

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